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Sports Bra 輕運動內衣

熱衷運動的時代女性,多崇尚健康生活或追求完美身段,Wacoal於今個夏日推出「Wacoal Sports 輕運動內衣」系列,突破性「Win Cool 冰涼紗」物料透氣佳,散熱快, 降温2度令你瞬間冰涼。採用「記型鋼圈」,感温記憶功能,不壓迫,不變形,舒適自在。採用「ELK 羽量」罩杯,較泡棉罩杯輕38%,透氣度高10倍,柔軟舒適。適合都會女性作輕量運動時穿著的內衣。

Wacoal 專櫃大埔一田百貨現已全新形象隆重開幕

位於大埔一田百貨-Wacoal 專櫃現已全新形象隆重開幕,以簡約白色設計為主調,柔和光線配上清新時尚設計,感覺舒適又宽敞。我們更為喜愛運動的女仕們,引入Wacoal 旗下王牌功能運動產品CW-X( 女裝),令您享受多完化的購物樂趣,快來體驗全新感覺。 地址 : 新界大埔安邦路8&10號大埔超級城B區一田百貨 L1 2665-8568

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Wacoal Helps women become beautiful. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, differing from country to country and region to region. But all women share the wish "to be healthy and beautiful."Wacoal reaches out to women in 70 countries across the world. Let's discover more about the Secrets of Wacoal!

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Our mission at Wacoa I is to contribute to society
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