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Wacoal推出「聖誕浪漫」系列,罩杯上沿採用性感低V設計,時尚高貴,於配襯Deep-V晚裝時更性感高雅,輕易搭配出不同的派對造型,讓妳打造最耀目誘惑的聖誕Party Look! 3/4 剪接罩杯, 量身打造,渾圓美胸。 深V 集中剪裁配上小水滴輕巧造型, 上沿小條LACE衍生, 向上提拉,更凸顯出深V的豐胸曲線。 內罩杯加縫雙摺式彈性提托片, 支撐提托胸部突顯黃金比例, 創造渾圓美胸。 邊布使用四面超彈力布料, 伸縮性佳,不易變形,柔軟舒適。 U背設計, 結合止滑肩帶, 防止肩帶滑落, 加強穿著安定性。 胸圍 TB4512($390) 襯褲TS2498( $128) 胸圍尺碼: A(75-80) BCD(70-85) 備有桃红色、淺粉紅色及紫色,共3色。


一田百貨 (沙田分店) 已喬遷至一田百貨三樓女裝內衣部 ,並以全新形象跟各位見面,請各位繼續支持!

The Secret Of Wacoal

Wacoal Helps women become beautiful. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, differing from country to country and region to region. But all women share the wish "to be healthy and beautiful."Wacoal reaches out to women in 70 countries across the world. Let's discover more about the Secrets of Wacoal!

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Our mission at Wacoa I is to contribute to society
by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.