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Bra Recycle - 胸圍回收活動

Wacoal每年一度的環保盛事 [Bra Recycle] 現已開始. Wacoal 一向支持環保,重視保護環境的意識,現正進行 ”胸圍回收活動”, 由1/3-11/5把舊胸圍轉化成RPF再生能源,製作成各種環保紙品.你只需把不合身或變舊了的胸圍,放入袋交回任何Wacoal (歡迎客人使用自備袋:膠袋/紙袋/環保購物袋亦可,沒有指定物料).即可獲$50贈券, 購買正價貨品滿$HK500即可使用. 讓我們一起來為環保出一分力!

Wacoal 專門店 - 德福廣場分店現以全新形象登場

全新裝修格調時尚高雅,地方寬敞舒適,為您在鬧市中打造一個寫意的購物空間,店內注入Wacoal 旗下功能運動品牌CW-X,引入多款最新人氣產品,令您享受多完化的購物樂趣,快來體驗全新感覺。 地址 : 九龍九龍灣偉業街33號德福廣場第一期G37號舖電話 : 2750-2690

The Secret Of Wacoal

Wacoal Helps women become beautiful. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, differing from country to country and region to region. But all women share the wish "to be healthy and beautiful."Wacoal reaches out to women in 70 countries across the world. Let's discover more about the Secrets of Wacoal!

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Our mission at Wacoa I is to contribute to society
by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.