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New Year New You

踏入新一年,穿一身喜慶,迎接全新的自己! 為了答謝顧客的支持,由1月1日起推出購物優惠,讓女士們於選購應節內衣的同時,亦可專享新春合用的精美禮物。顧客凡於推廣期間 購物滿650元 ,送「精選內褲」乙條 購物滿800元 ,送「優質內褲」乙條 購物滿1800元,送「舒適睡衣」乙套 多買多送, 送完即止 祝各位在新一年「豐『衣』足食」、「『褲』貴吉祥」 胸圍 NB5351($450) 襯褲 GS5351($108) 胸圍尺碼: B,C(70-85) D(70-80) 備有紅色 黃色及藍色

全新專門店 - 元朗 形點 YOHO Mall

Wacoal 及CW-X 於元朗YOHO Mall形點I的全新專門店已於12月21日同步隆重開幕! 店舖設計給人歐式大宅相連花園的清新感覺,購物時更加寫意自在!立即到店親身感受,全新的輕鬆舒適的購物感覺! 地址:新界元朗元龍街9號形點I一樓1086號舖

The Secret Of Wacoal

Wacoal Helps women become beautiful. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, differing from country to country and region to region. But all women share the wish "to be healthy and beautiful."Wacoal reaches out to women in 70 countries across the world. Let's discover more about the Secrets of Wacoal!

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Our mission at Wacoa I is to contribute to society
by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.