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【Bra In Top】

夏日之選1/2罩杯無鋼圈設計, 上薄下厚無縫罩杯。 3D造型,令胸部立體感提升, 造型媲美一般有鋼圈的罩杯產品。 邊布上下緣採用車呔紋鬆緊帶, 防止下滑,加強穿著的穩定性。 時尚側扣設計, 令後背線條更平順流麗。 胸圍WB1800 ($360) 襯褲 GS1800 ($108) 胸圍尺碼: A(75-85), B(70-85), C(70-80), D(70-75) 備有黑色及白色,共2色。

Wacoal 一田百貨 (沙田分店)

一田百貨 (沙田分店) 已喬遷至一田百貨三樓女裝內衣部 ,並以全新形象跟各位見面,請各位繼續支持!

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Wacoal Helps women become beautiful. Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, differing from country to country and region to region. But all women share the wish "to be healthy and beautiful."Wacoal reaches out to women in 70 countries across the world. Let's discover more about the Secrets of Wacoal!

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Our mission at Wacoa I is to contribute to society
by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.