Wacoal Tips

How to Measure?

It would be best if you can fully reveal your unique personality with the finest points of your body features. To add a touch of glamour and charm to your looks, it is necessary to start with the technique of wearing lingerie.

The best habit is to get the shop assistant to help you measure out your exact size. The measuring positions are:

• Upper Bust
• Under Bust
• Waist
• Hip
• Body Length

The size will change according to age and the season. For accuracy, it is best to check up your measurement upon making purchase.

Underwear Size Chart

Based on decimal system (with basic body measurement technique)

Bra Type
(For example: A Cup, B Cup …)
Calculated by the difference between the bust and under bust

Panty Size
(For example: M, L, LL…)

Find out your fittest size

How to Wear?

How to wear a bra correctly

Let your breasts fall completely into the cups is the key to bra adjustment.

  1. Put on the bra through your arms and hang on the shoulders. Hold the lower part of the cup with your hands. (If there are soft wires inside the bra, pull the wires against the chest directly under the breast)

  1. Lean forward to let the breasts fall into the cups and fasten the closure.
  1. Adjust the shoulder straps and move your breasts into the cups.

    When putting on Front Closing Bras, pull the bottom band from the back downwards to the front of the chest and fasten the closure.

When you wear a bra, make sure:

  1. The bottom band of the bra should lie flat against your chest between the breasts, while the bra's center panel is resting on your sternum.
  2. The bra's center panel is not too loose or too tight. (You should be able to slide one finger into the center panel).
  3. The breast does not bulge over the top of the bra and the cup size fits comfortably.
  4. The bra does not press too hard on the underarm or cause underarm bulge.
  5. The shoulder straps are not too loose or too tight.
  6. The hook closure at the back of the bra and the back band should lie horizontal across your back.


How to wear a brief shaper/ control shaper correctly

Always pull the shaper from the bottom up to the waist gently.

  1. Roll the brief shaper outwards to the widest portion and pull the garment from the bottom up to your waist. (Note: The delicate fibres of the brief shaper can be easily damaged by nails or tugging)

  1. Inside the brief shaper, move the thigh and hip muscles upwards with your hands so that they fit comfortably inside the brief shaper. Make sure the waist stays in place comfortably.

  2. Adjust the position of the shaper until the lower part, waist and thighs fit comfortably. Move around in the shaper to ensure the legs can move freely.

When you wear a brief shaper, make sure:

  1. The waist is not too tight.
  2. The tummy is not too loose or too tight.
  3. Crochet is not too tight.
  4. The hip muscles are enveloped completely inside the brief shaper.
  5. The thighs can move freely inside the legs of the brief shaper.

How to wear a fullbody shaper correctly

Fullbody shaper is the basic underwear which enhances your figure. It should be put on from the bottom up in a correct sequence.

  1. Fasten the closures at the crotch. Pull up garment from the bottom up to the waist, as if you put on a brief shaper.
  2. Pull the bottom of the cup against the chest directly under the breast. Place your arms through the shoulder straps to hang the straps on the shoulders.
  3. Let the breasts fall completely into the cups and adjust the shoulder straps.
  4. After putting on the garment, pull the two sides of the crotch gently upwards so its bottom edges fits the thighs and stay in place.

Check points

  1. The bra's center panel is not too loose or too tight. The cups are not too tight.
  2. The bottom of the cup and the bottom of the bra fits comfortably.
  3. The waist is not too tight.
  4. The crotch is not too tight. The thighs can move freely inside the legs of the shaper.
  5. The shoulder straps are not too loose or too tight.
  6. The garment lies flat on the hip.

Washing Tips

Machine washable at / up to 40 degree temperature
Standard temperature: 40 degree. Wash on the gentle cycle of the washing machine or gently by hand.

Hand-wash at temperature of for separate washing. Press-washing & Rub-washing up to 30 degree only. Ideally, use only gentle-washing action. (Not suitable for machine 30 degree wash).

Do not bleach.
Dry under cool, airy place.
Dry Cleaning is not allowed.
Avoid wringing.
Do not iron.
Ironing is allowed only up to a temperature of 160 degree, but the most ideal temperature should be kept between 140 degree to 160 degree.

Note for Washing Lingerie:

• Washing powder/detergents should not be in direct contact with lingerie.
• Dark-coloured clothing should avoid washing with whites and light-coloured clothing.
• All zips must be zipped up.

After Washing:

Lingeries should be immediately hung up for drying as they could crease up or get discoloured if not hung up for drying. This is also the reason that result in colour fading. It is advisable to avoid using the dryer to dry any undergarments as its temperature could result in deformation and shrinkage.

Before drying:

Pull the centre of the bra gently outwards with your fingers to reshape the cups, and then hang in a dry, cool place.

Q1. How to remove the stains even if the cleaning agent is not able to remove?

The longer the stain is much immersed in the fabric, the harder the stain can be washed out; Since most stains can be removed as long as being cleaning immediately, it should be washed as soon as possible. Stains resulted from lipstick or foundation can be removed with alcohol or volatile liquid. Blood stain can be removed by a toothbrush moistened with diluted detergent. When washing underwear, remember not to use bleach, and please read the instructions for use.

Q2. Is it fine to use clothes dryer to dry the lingerie?

Due to the delicate material of lingerie, it is advisable to avoid using the clothes dryer to dry any lingerie as its high temperature can result in deformation and shrinkage.

Q3. Why does the underclothes turn yellow even if washing according to label indication as well as not using bleach?

Underclothes turning yellow may result from not being washed with plenty of water so the residual of detergent being exposed to sunlight or being moistened with bleach from the washing tray would also cause yellowing of clothing.

Q4. Why does imbalanced colour appears on the lingerie?

If the detergent sticks directly on the underwear, the fluorescent whitener inside the detergent would induce the imbalanced colour. Detergent should first be dissolved in water and mixed thoroughly before immersing the clothes in.

Q5. Is it a must to dry clean silk underclothes?

Please read the washing label instructions, if finding a hand wash indication, it is fine to make the neutral detergent dissolved in warm water, and then lightly touch it. Further wash with warm water, lay the underclothes flat as the original shape, and then dry under shaded area.

Q6. Why does the lingerie becomes smelly?

Odor mainly results from the underwear being stored with dirt for a longer time, not being washed thoroughly or not being dried completely.

Folding & Storage Tips

Even a little moisture inside the clothes could cause discolouring,creasing,ormoldformation. Hence, they should be kept when completely dried and placed flatly in drawers.

Storing lingeries in air-tight plastic bags should be minimized, because sealing up the lingeries could easily cause moldy conditions. Therefore, lingeries to be worn in the current season must be dried and stored in airy places.

Folding methods for different types of lingeries: