About Wacoal

Company Information

As a leading Women lingerie company, our mission at Wacoal is to contribute to society by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.
Ever since the company started operations, we have been working to assist women in realizing their dreams of looking good. Wacoal is proud to have helped the world's women live more confident and self-assured lives. 

We keep on invest on conduct researches and studies to understand the needs of women with the support of our Human Science laboratory with 40 years of history, in return create most suitable products to enhance woman beauty. With the help of the high caliber product developing professional and beauty advisor, we deliver our messages clearly, directly and effectively to our target user. Understanding woman needs and changes, deliver clear and direct message is our main marketing strategy to cope with all kind of challenge.

Wacoal Hong Kong Company Limited 
Address: 8th Floor, EGL Tower, 83 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Tel: (+852) 2977 2300
Website:  www.wacoal.com.hk
Wacoal Global:  www.wacoal.com

Mission & Goal


Our mission at Wacoal is to contribute to society by helping women everywhere become more beautiful.

Human Science Research Center

Established in 1964, the Human Science Research Center has been conducting basic research of the female body for more than 40 years. The center collects physical data from one thousand women a year, from girls in their late teens to women in their sixties, and now has a stock of data for over 40,000 individual subjects. Taking regular measurements from the same women over a long time frame enables Wacoal to gain profound insights into the physical changes that accompany the aging process. The Human Science Research Center is truly a place where people and science meet.

The center is also researching the all-important question of comfort and feel - how your clothes or undergarments feel when you are wearing them. We analyze people's sensory and physiological responses to three key stimuli: temperature - is it warm or cool? Pressure - is it loose-fitting or tight? touch - is it pleasant to the touch or not? This research helps us to create easy-to-wear products that feel good against your skin.

Our Milestones

  1. The Wacoal Hong Kong Company Limited was Established

  2. Invention of Memory Wire Brassiere, Changed the Stereotype of Female's Lingerie

  3. Launched Y Back bra, the First Lingerie Advertisement in Hong Kong Metro Station

  4. Introduced the Best Selling Item in Japan - Good Up Bra

  5. Officially Launched Junior Underwear Collection

  6. Launched 3D Memory Wire brassiere

  7. Launched New Collection - Bra in Top, the best match to outfit

  8. Inauguration of the “une nana cool” in Hong Kong

  9. Invention of Brassiere with Aroma of Lavender

  10. Launched Product that Containing Vitamin C - Lemon Bra

  11. Introduced T-shirt Bra and Hidden Panty Collection from Japan - nami nami

  12. Introduced Patented "Sleeping bra" and Broke the Sales Record in Japan

  13. Wacoal Japan Invited Singer Ayumi Hamasaki as Spokeswoman for Asia Region

  14. Introduced Lecien from Wacoal Japan to Hong Kong Market

  15. Launched UV Brassiere Series with Bra in U Cut and V Cut

  16. Introduced the French Quality Lingerie Brand - huit

  17. The First Bra Recycle Activity in Hong Kong

  18. 粉紅計劃鼓勵女性關注乳房健康

  19. Wacoal 成功的秘密

  20. Wacoal CW-X 功能運動品牌正式由日本引入香港!

Our Brands

Wacoal Junior

A day to put on a bra for the first time is a special moment of the women. Wacoal Junior series protecting young ladies on their different steps of growth.

Wacoal Maternity

Maternity underwear specially designed for mother-to-be, providing needed support to the body during pregnancy. They are also made to fit comfortably on the first hook early in your pregnancy, and adjust to the final hook by your last trimester.


Remamma was introduced to Hong Kong in 2005 since when it has played a role in the post-operational care of women who have gone through breast removal surgery. We are offering consultation for measuring, fitting, and personal advice for women in order to help them rebuild their confidence.

Wellness by Wacoal

Wellness by Wacoal is specifically designed for the health-conscious people. Products include seamless bra, comfort band, genouillere, tank top, shape pant, knee care walker and cozy pant.  Wacoal’s unique and professional cutting, complete with quality materials and sophisticated sawing methods could be found in this series. It all adds up to enhance our comfort, ensuring meticulous care is afforded to mature body figures.


Wacoal CW-X functional sports brand was introduced into Hong Kong in 2016 from Japan . CW-X has been studied by Wacoal Human Science Research Centre for 50 years focusing on the science of human motion, joints and muscles in line with ergonomics principles; and explored on the basis on 'fitting apparels'.  It is ideal to improve users' figure, provide stability while working out and diminish fatigue of muscle.

Our Group Members


Design, produce, and sell high-performance, and fashionable ladies’ underwear. Our impeccably designed and highly functional products provide high quality and customer satisfaction with reasonable price.

Peach John

The company was founded in 1994 by Mika Noguchi, first established a small mail-order company and soon achieved great success. The brand established first Peach John store at the same year and selling their original design products. Now they own over 20 stores in Japan. Peach John carries the concept of “Kawaii, Happy, Sexy”, product image from sexy to cute in order to satisfy any ladies needs.